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Love letter for you

God thinks you are wonderful. View God’s personal love letter to you.
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Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is a unique person. Discover more about His life and message.
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Faith experiences

View the personal stories of people who experienced God.
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A dream about an interview with God. What would you ask Him?
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Online course about God

Free online course about God and Jesus

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More than 10.000 people have gone before you

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A love letter for you

The words of this letter come from the Bible and have already changed thousands of lives all around the world. They come directly from the heart of God, the Father who loves you.
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Seeking for true Love


Kalpana grew up in an unhappy home and once she got older, she got into a relationship, seeking love. When the conditions at home got worse, she left home and lived in a hostel. Her relationship also broke! Did she find love?
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An interview with God


Is God just? Why is there so much suffering in the world? If God is almighty, then why doesn’t he do anything? Discover interesting answers from that interview in video:
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